100% Dedicated to Employee Retention Credits ERTC & Getting the Maximum Refund

Helping Educate Business Owners About Employee Retention Tax Credit Refunds That Are Earmarked for Their Companies is Our Passion!


There are many companies that offer tax credit services. We as a certified CPA firm are 100% focused on ERTC Employee Retention Tax Credit. Comprised of tax credit veterans with decades of industry experience serving clients of all sizes and in virtually all industries, Jorns & Associates specializes in helping employers with 3 to 500 employees.

With an executive team made up of veteran leaders who have made significant contributions to the tax incentives industry, our mission is to provide the best service available and to achieve maximum value, return and compliance for its clients.

We know services are only as valuable as the team that implements and supports them.

We have gathered a Team of over 200 employees to help see you through the process for a successful outcome.

Our process involves researching each piece of legislation to understand the qualifications for each tax credit opportunity in-depth. There are over 12,000 mandates in the US that can qualify you.

This information is then recorded in our innovative, proprietary software (MAPS)so each client candidate, and location can be matched against the latest eligibility requirements and applicable incentives.

Don’t let someone tell you that you do not qualify until you have spoken to us.

Mandates and Nominal Effects for Qualifications Get Employee Retention Credit For:

  • Revenue Decline
  • Capacity Restrictions
  • Supply Chain Disturbances
  • Travel Restrictions
  • Commercial Disruption
  • Group Gathering Limitations
  • Full & Partial Shutdowns
  • Customer or Jobsite Shutdowns
  • Remote Work Orders
  • Customer Or Vendor Restrictions
  • If your business was limited in commerce, travel, or group meetings during Covid
  • Developed, designed, or improved any product, process, or formula
  • Implemented any new technology solutions
  • Engaged in any research or experimentation regardless of outcome


We are committed to developing strong, lasting relationships through commitment, communication, and honesty.


ERCBusinessClaim.com is committed to conducting business the right way. We look out for your bottom line so you can focus on growing and expanding your company.


At ERCBusinessClaim.com, our team of CPAs and Analysts have years of experience helping businesses navigate the ever-changing tax code and regulatory environment.


Our team specializes in helping companies operate at optimal capacity. At ERCBusinessClaim.com, we streamline every step of the accounting process to ensure filings are done on time, every time.


We are committed to making a difference in every community we work in, and our team has logged tens of thousands of hours and invested millions of dollars into local and national charitable organizations.


Many accounting firms surprise clients with hourly charges that are completely unexpected. We are fully transparent when it comes to pricing for every one of our services, so you never need to worry about surprise fees or charges with ERCBusinessClaim.com.

What Our Clients are saying

Tony C

Helped us file for our Employee Retention Tax Credits. The service was great. The knowledge their tax attorneys and CPAs had was extensive. They knew everything about the program and walked us through the filing process from start to finish! I Highly Recommend Jorns & Associates if you are looking at filing for the ERC.

Jason m

Absolutely love Jorns!! Professional, fast, and thorough. Talked to a couple other ERC companies prior, and then Jorns and I quickly realized that these guys are the real deal. Another company even said i won't qualify after one question about my revenue - what a joke. .

My accountant also told me I don't qualify, and I'm so happy i ignored him. Jorns qualified me for far more than i ever expect because they're pros who actually do the work! Thank you for all your hard work!


Jorns was amazing. Malcolm walked me through the process and made it easy start to finish. He was there to help with any question I had. Jorns was thorough with application and made me feel at ease. Anyone looking to get their ERC credit processed should use Jorns as it was quick and secure.