ERCBusinessClaim – A Real-World Case Study

Why do we say we MAXIMIZE earnings for clients that engage
When it comes to filing for the ERC, clients are allowed to maximize wages that are used toward PPP Loan Forgiveness and the ERC Calculation.

Our Proprietary Multi-Application Processing System (MAPS) Software yields 15% to 20% more in ERC amounts calculated on average for clients who took advantage of the PPP Loan Program when compared to other large competitors in the market. The percentage increase is even greater when compared to smaller firms that are assisting clients with the ERC filing.

Below I Have an Actual Client's Calculations for a Refile We Performed

2021 ERC Calculation

  • $850,753.85 ERC amount 2021
  • $688,244.15 Client received for 2021 with another firm.
  • $162,509.70 Additional ERC if refiled 2021

2020 ERC Calculation

  • $473,385.68 ERC amount 2020
  • $262,311.11 Client received for 2020 with another firm.
  • $211,074.57 Additional ERC if refiled 2020

Additional ERC Through

  • $211,074.57 2020
  • $162,509.70 2021

$373,584.27 Total New Recoverable Amount of ERC 2020 & 2021

An additional 33.56% more in ERC funding utilizing the ERC MAPS Proprietary Calculation Software.

The other firm could have done the ERC filing for this client for free, and still would have gotten them more money after paying the 20% contingency fee.

Best Regards,
Tony Swantek
Chief Operating Officer

ERC Business client